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Finding a Job Online

There are many job-hunter websites. It’s a matter of personal preference as to which ones you use in trying to find a second career. Your local online job source may work just fine for what you want but there isn’t any single online job board that has all jobs. You have to do some online hunting. If you’re interested in a specific type of occupation, look for sites that are set up for that type of work.

Before you start, here’s what I’d suggest. Do a simple Internet search for “best job sites” or “best employment sites.” You’ll find articles posted that review employment websites and explain the features of each. I came across 18 different job websites when I did a search. Pick which ones interest you the most.

I’ve listed a few here that should be a good starting point for you to begin your search. Some are specifically related to law enforcement jobs. All are easy to find on the Internet.

ASIS International – This is a good place to look for a second career if you’ve had a career in policing. Look in the Career Center of the ASIS website for jobs in the security business. The site also has links to career advice, resumé preparation, etc.

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – The ACFE has a job board and career advice at

Indeed – The website states has a presence in over 50 countries. I found investigator and security jobs easily.

Monster – Job postings around the world, including investigator and security jobs. Monster states it’s in approximately 50 countries. Search by country.

Online job sites by country


Police Test Tutor – A site with a focus on police and other investigative jobs. It’s operated by a former police officer who has good knowledge of these types of job postings in Canada. Very up-to-date.

Neuvoo –  A Canadian-based job search engine that indexes jobs directly for free from companies’ career websites, placement agencies and job boards. Look on their site and you will see a law enforcement section.


Working in Canada – A government of Canada job site. Click on There you’re able to find information about jobs in Canada, get email alerts, and follow job trends.

Workopolis – The website states that Workopolis is Canada’s largest online job site. Searching is easy at There’s a broad range of job titles including security and surveillance. Look in the legal category for investigator jobs. There’s an option for searching by province.

Eluta – This is an interesting site. It’s managed by Canada’s Top 100 Employers project. Eluta checks employer websites every day and posts jobs on the Eluta site. I searched for investigator jobs and some came up. Eluta is at

Simply Hired – A big site with lots of jobs in Canada. Easy to use and search. Look for it at – A quick and convenient way to apply for jobs in Canada online. The site has printable application forms and links to online application pages for many of the largest employers in Canada. Looking for a job in a retail shop, restaurant, grocery store, bank, hotel, or other places? Download and print the company application form from this site.

A couple of other interesting sites are and

United States1370901686

America’s Job Bank – A very good site conveniently set up to search by state. Look at

Police One – A lot of the postings are in active policing but there are also some very interesting civilian jobs that use skills learned in law enforcement. Police One is at It also has an Employment Opportunities forum.

All Police Jobs US – – This site has both police officer jobs and civilian jobs requiring law enforcement experience.

Careers in Government includes police jobs along with a lot of others.

Go Law Enforcement – Specifically focused on careers in law enforcement, this site has both police and civilian law enforcement job postings. You can also research how to prepare for a law enforcement career, including where to find criminal justice study programs. I like the site for its many ideas about where to look for a second career. Joe Libowsky is a former federal agent who set up the site to help job-seekers find a career in law enforcement. As well as police jobs, there are good lists of state agencies that would be of interest to someone with a police background.

International Association of Chiefs of Police – The IACP site at has a long list of police and police-related jobs. Don’t be put off by the reference to Chiefs of Police. They list lots of jobs that are not at the Chief level.

Retirement Jobs – – Jobs for people over 50. Job postings by state plus a good career advice section.

The Blue Line –

911 Hot Jobs –


All Police Jobs UK – – This site has both police officer jobs and civilian jobs requiring law enforcement experience.

Blue Line Jobs – – Police related jobs in Britain. There are lots of jobs posted that would be of interest to police officers looking for a change. The site also has helpful information about careers in the business world and public sector.

Police Skills – A British and international recruitment service specializing in helping those with police experience find jobs. They help with preparing for your job search, keeping up with job market trends, and finding a job.

Police Oracle – An online jobs service for serving and former police officers in Britain. There’s a good list of civilian jobs that would require police experience. A Retirement & Resettlement forum has some interesting posts related to employment.

Police UK – This site has job postings for anyone looking for a post-retirement career in a police related field. It lists an interesting group of non-police clients and has a job search function for England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and International. I found a short, interesting, and informative article called “Seeking Employment” on the site.

Police Into Private Sector –

Ex-police in Industry and Commerce –

Off Duty –

The National Association of Police Officers (NARPO) has some employment postings for Britain on its website at

Job Site –  A searchable site that also has career advice, career development courses, and other helpful resources. It’s at

Job Seekers Direct – This is a UK government site located at Postings include the categories of investigator and security.

The Northern Ireland government site – Look in the Employment section and click on the Job Seekers tab.


Australian Job Search – An online job search site for openings in Australia. Sponsored by the Australian government. Simple and easy to use. It’s at

Neuvoo – Search for jobs in Australia or other countries. I entered the keyword “Investigator” in the search box and several jobs came up.

Seek – An easy-to-search site with quite a few investigator and security jobs as well as other categories. The site is at

Recruit – I found some jobs related to police experience here. Search “investigator” or “security.” There are plenty of other types of jobs also. Look at

New Zealand

Careers New Zealand – Search for a job in New Zealand at This is a good starting point for doing a job search in New Zealand. There’s an interesting section called “Ready for a career change?”

Trade Me – This is a buy and sell site but also has job postings. I found some security jobs posted. The site is at


Books about looking for a second career onlineBOOKS (1)

What Color is Your Parachute? Guide to Job-Hunting Online by Mark Emery Bolles and Richard Nelson Bolles (2011). Like all the parachute books this one is very good. Take a look at the website related to the book. It’s Job-Hunting Online and is an up-to-date support website for the book. You can’t go far wrong by taking an in-depth look at the What Color is Your Parachute books and website.

The Web 2.0 Job Finder by Brenda Greene and Coleen Byrne (2011). Use the Internet to find a whole lot of background information about a company before you approach it for a job. This book discusses that important point and suggests paying ongoing attention to the organizations you’re interested in. There’s also good information about networking and how employers use LinkedIn. The authors will also tell you to “be careful out there” when posting on social media, with a good horror story of a hiring that went bad because of what the hiring employer found on the web.

The Panic Free Job Search by Paul Hill (2012). Build your professional brand and get discovered on the Internet. Avoid the frenzy of pounding the pavement to find a job. Use technology to do it for you on the web. Very detailed advice on how to get noticed.

How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ by Brad Schepp and Debra Schepp (2012). The emphasis is on LinkedIn but also has good explanations of using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to find a job. If online searching for a second career interests you, this book will be helpful. I’d use it for the LinkedIn information alone, even if the other three were not mentioned.