Books about ReputationBOOKS (1)

The Power of Reputation by Chris Komisarjevsky (2012). We often think about skills and talent but sometimes forget the importance of our reputation. This book is a strong reminder about the big part it plays in our career profile. Once you read this book you won’t underestimate the importance of reputation. It’s a very enlightening read.

Manage Your Online Reputation by Tony Wilson (2011). Lots of information about how you are revealed to the online world. Future employers will search for your name. Learn how to protect your reputation in this book. Good examples and case studies.

Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith (2009). This is about doing business on the Internet and using social media to build your reputation. I included it here because it’s not just about business. There’s lots of good advice about building your reputation on the web and understanding what to do right as well as where you can go wrong.