Seize Every Opportunity

IMG_1024“Come outside and see the decorations,” my wife called. So I did. It was early on Halloween night. Sophie, our golden retriever looked innocent enough sleeping under the kitchen table. My big mistake was leaving three delicious Halloween cupcakes on the table.

Five minutes later we came back in to find an empty plate, cupcakes gone, and Sophie happily looking up at us, orange icing dripping from her chin.002

Sophie saw something she wanted and didn’t hesitate. That can happen in your career too. Sometimes it really isn’t a good idea to overthink your plan. The best
decision could be staring right at you. Seize the moment. Grab the opportunity when it presents itself. If Sophie could talk, I’m pretty sure that would be her career advice.

John Eldridge
Retired Police Officer
Author of Second Careers for Street Cops
Amazon Author Page
Twitter: @copsecondcareer
Member Public Safety Writers Association

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