Three Good Retirement Planning Books

Are you getting ready to retire? Maybe you’re already there but still need some insight into what makes for a happy retirement. It really does help to do some planning, or at least give it some thought. Lots of us get caught up in the “I’m outta here” euphoria but once you get over that, there’s more to retirement than we think. Think of it as your new career with lots of things to learn about how to be retired.

I came across three good retirement planning books, all published in the last couple of years. They each have their own approach to retirement planning and all have some very good ideas about how to deal with it.Books-3

Choose Your Retirement by Emily Guy Birken presents a number of How To’s, such as How To Retire Abroad, How To Retire Early, How To Go Back To School In Retirement, and others. Her sub-title is Find The Right Path To Your New Adventure and I’d agree with her that retirement is an adventure. It’s like being eighteen again and wondering what to do with your life. If you like this book, she also wrote another one called The 5 Years Before You Retire.

The Retirement Boom by Catherine Allen, Nancy Bearg, Rita Foley, and Jaye Smith deals with some real down-to-earth issues arising from retirement, such as what to do with your time, renegotiating life at home (a bigger issue than you might think), and simplifying your time. There’s an easy-to-understand chapter about managing your money and, even more important, a chapter about staying healthy. That chapter is great stuff for retirees who want to live a long and happy life.

Think you’ll never be able to retire? Try this one: You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think by Wes Moss, sub-title The 5 Money Secrets of the Happiest Retirees. It’s a lot about ‘the money.’ There’s no denying that money issues don’t end on the day we retire. Moss is a Certified Financial Planner and has much to say about money and retirement, all very interesting and useful. He has a couple of catchy chapters such as What Makes Retirees Unhappy? and 18 Traits Of The Happiest Retirees.


So before you hit that Send button and announce “I’m outta here,” do yourself a favor and look into some of the things that retired people usually end up trying to figure out. These three books are a great place to start. And if you’re already retired, read them anyway because, as you know by now, being retired doesn’t mean we stop dealing with the things life throws at us.

John Eldridge
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